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When Culinary Students Discuss Religion

I thought I knew my friends, but I was wrong

I thought I understood my religion, but I don’t

When someone says that point A connects to point B they aren’t always right

Religion is unclear, confusing, and misleading

My friends are not whom I thought they were

They are even more extraordinary than I believed

Not where you may have thought I was going

See even the writer is not who you thought she was

From an early age I was told what to believe

Religion is engraved within us

My parents may have thought they were letting me be expressive, but that was not always the case

The world was created in six days and Gd rested on the 7th or the world was created with a bang

What about neither

Is there a middle ground

The first story isn’t always the right one

If the concept of Gd didn’t exist what would that say about religion

Being atheist does not mean religion doesn’t matter

Beliefs are expressed in millions of ways

My friends are one of a kind

Even though we live and breathe food

we can talk about what we do not want to say, but need to

Religion makes me uncomfortable

My religion is me or am I my religion

When you read the Bible what are you really looking at

Jesus calms a storm

Jesus heals a woman or a man just by his touch

Myth or fact

Recorded or told through generations

How do I know what is real

When I can’t prove something should I still believe in it

Old or new testament

What lessons can I pull from these stories

10 commandments became the rap song of my life

I am the lord your only Gd, don’t make false idols if you hear me nod

Wars are not just about weapons

When will struggling end

Is it just a part of life that I have to accept and move on from

Can I do something about the unjust in the world

Or am I so small that I can easily be squashed by the next and brightest

Why is religion unfair

When people’s beliefs change why can’t their religion also change

Does the world not work that way

Conversion isn’t easy and it’s not clear cut

To become Jewish you have to step into a Mikvah a ritual bath

Does it cleanse you from your life before

Like washing the dishes so they are new again

Now for the one truth about me

I am Jewish

I may only be Jewish because my mother is, but I am trying to figure out what that says about me

History happened and continues to occur I can’t stop it even if I tried

I wasn’t born at the time of the Holocaust, but I am going to be the last generation to hear 1st hand accounts of survivors stories

Why did I gain so much responsibility

Not sure I can handle the pressure

Do my friends feel this kind of weight

Like someone is pressing on their shoulders

You may be thinking who is this girl

I can tell you that I am not even sure

And that’s ok because

If my friends can ask questions than so can I

I mean our conversation started with questions

That seemed to all fit together like pieces of a puzzle

This is what religion is

Trying to navigate through the mismatched squares wanting to make a perfect fit, but sometimes realizing that it’s a lot more complicated than you may think

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