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The Power of a Notecard

Everyone may think that the notecard is just a white piece of paper, but to me it is so much more than that. It starts out empty until someone has an idea and then starts writing. Each notecard once written on is different because it is used for a specific purpose. Since I started at the Culinary Institute, I have written notecards for every class. I wrote cards on how to make hollandaise, how to fabricate a beef shank, and so many more topics that I couldn’t possibly list them all. You may be wondering why I go through the trouble of writing out all these notecards. When I look at a notecard all I see are the lines waiting to be filled with information. That is when I realized that a notecard was really just a metaphor for my life. Coming to this school I was the blank slate. I didn’t have any family in the restaurant industry. All I knew was that I loved food and cooking and I wanted to discover more. The notecard to me is about discovery. When I find something that is worth wanting to write it down, I know that it is a piece of information I will never want to forget. Next time you pick up a note card, don’t think about the lines going across from each end. Think about what will be between those lines that is what is worth remembering.

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