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The Fair= Fun

If you have never been to a fair, then I would suggest searching the internet to find one closest to you and going as soon as possible. I am not the biggest fan of rides, but if you love them, any fair will have plenty and most of them will probably go upside down. I heard that people enjoy that. I personally can’t understand why. You may be wondering why I am writing an article about going to the fair if I despise rides. The reason I to a fair is for the food. At the age of five, Halloween was my excuse to eat all the foods I shouldn’t, so now at the age of 19, I love fairs because of the food. I went with my friends to the Dutchess County Fair and I was not disappointed. Stands lined the pathway, and my first stop just happened to be the fried oreos. I got plenty of powdered sugar all over me, but it was worth it. I don’t think I have ever had a fried oreo I didn’t like. I don’t even have the right words to explain how good it is. Next up was my bubble gum snow cone. Anything cold and sugary is a match made in heaven. Now, you are also probably wondering how I managed to have two desserts before eating anything savory. I also stole bites of my friends’ funnel cake. For my dinner, I shared chilli cheese nachos and fries with everyone. Remember this is my cheat day, so don’t judge. It could be yours too. The Fair also had hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken parmesan balls. I know I have a lot to look forward to next year. Whether you like sweet or savory food, fairs have something for everyone. It is a culinary adventure waiting to happen!

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