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Stepped Onto the Set of a Western Movie for the Weekend

Many of you already know how much I love the Food Network because it gave me my love and passion for cooking. When most people get a summer break of three weeks, their immediate response isn't to spend the weekend in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

I have always loved watching Ree Drummond's show and had wanted to go her restaurant, store, and bakery, The Mercantile, since it opened in 2016. Two years later and my dream was becoming a reality. Driving through the "Welcome to Pawhuska" sign that first night was so exciting. Entering our Airbnb through the blue door, I was so happy.

In one weekend, I have never eaten so much food. Ree Drummond revitalized the town, and it is pretty spectacular to see. The first night we had dinner in her restaurant with no wait, which was a shock to both of my parents. I couldn't even began to tell you my favorite thing I ate that night. I had olive cheese bread, lasagna, corn salad, and whisky carrots. For dessert we shared the chocolate pie. Don't worry, we also shared the sides and I almost forgot to mention the rolls and raspberry lemonade.

The next day breakfast was also at The Mercantile. This time we had a 45 minutes wait. It is a good thing that my mother is great at becoming friends with strangers and the time passed quickly. The migas and biscuits with jam were amazing and soon there was close to nothing on my plate. Next on our list of things to see was Ree Drummond's Food Network set which is open to the public for viewing on specified days. The thirty minute drive was a little scary on the unpaved road with our bright green rental car. The scenery, when we did arrive, was mind blowing. Being from Houston, I had never seen so much open land. Her Lodge was very impressive too.

After, it was time to head back into town to visit the Osage Museum and shop. I bought plenty of souvenirs and my mom now has more earrings to add to her collection. That night we had dinner at Ree Drummond's pizza place. I did not think it was possible to fall in love with garlic knots, but I was wrong. Then, my potato leek and fried onion pizza may have converted me to the side of loving unconventional pizzas. The blueberry cheesecake jar was just the icing on the cake to a fabulous meal. I almost forgot to tell you about our snacks of cupcakes and the Knock You Naked Brownie from The Mercantile bakery.

We left Sunday morning to drive back to the Tulsa airport. Before the flight, we made one last stop at the Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve where we drove around looking at buffalo. We also got to explore a museum with the most amazing art work. I also had one last meal of fried chicken and fried okra in Skiatook. I can tell you it is so worth your time to come to Pawhuska Stop by the pizza place and you may even see her husband, Ladd Drummond. I was told that he is also very fond of the bakery. Whether you are looking for chicken fried steak, pancakes, or coffee, Ree Drummond has your vacation covered.

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