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My Last Meal

I know that thinking about dying is a little morbid, but who hasn’t thought about what they want their last meal to be. As a chef, I actually think about this a lot. Would I want Italian, Asian, or Cuban? Would I want comfort food or something fancy? I have learned throughout my time in culinary school that I especially love Mediterranean cuisine and specifically Italian food. The use of fresh ingredients makes the food simple and easy to prepare. My favorite salad is a Caprese. It is comprised of the freshest tomatoes, fragrant and herbaceous basil, and the creamiest mozzarella. Drizzled with balsamic for a sweet and tangy finish, this salad is the perfect appetizer for any occasion. Next in my meal is pasta. I have a pasta obsession and it sometimes scares me how much I consume weekly. My last meal pasta would be simple fettuccine with salt and butter. I know you are probably thinking a culinary student would want something fancier, but I love simple pasta that is cooked and seasoned perfectly. My meal would end with the creamiest chocolate mousse topped with fresh berries. I can already picture digging my spoon into the chocolate and taking the best bite.

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