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My Favorite Ingredients

“I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad”

The Sound of Music could be the soundtrack of my life, but today it is going to help me introduce my next article, which describes my top 5 favorite ingredients.

5. Garlic

If you have a date, this may not the right ingredient to cook with for that meal. However, it sure is tasty unless your friend dares you to eat an entire clove and then all you can taste is garlic for the rest of the day. I don’t think you want that to be your next experiment so you may just have to trust me. Garlic also goes with almost anything so it is perfect on fish, pasta, chicken, or steaks. The smelly breath is totally worth it!

4. Citrus

Any type of citrus has a bright and acidic flavor. The juice is perfect squeezed into a salad dressing or the segments of an orange can be eaten at any time of the day. The zest is my secret weapon for whipped cream. Lemons, oranges, or limes can brighten up your day.

3. Olives

I have an obsession with olives. I used to eat them everyday for lunch in high school and I fell in love. Then I went to Israel and have never eaten anything more magical. I love all types of olives. They are great in pasta dishes, olive spread, or on their own.

2. Pasta

Pasta comes in so many shapes and sizes making it is great for kids and adults. There are also so many different ways to eat pasta and enough sauces that I couldn’t count them all on my fingers and toes. Whether you like pesto or tomato sauce, pasta can be your once a day meal. Don’t worry about the carbs.

1. Tomatoes

I love tomatoes cooked or raw. Some people hate both or love one over the other. If you’re a believer in the tomato, then I am happy. If you are not, eat a Caprese salad and then come talk to me. Hopefully, that made you change your mind.

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