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Dream Vacation

I’m standing with a fresh baguette in one hand. I can already tell that it will be crunchy on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside. In my bag that is slung over my shoulder are goodies that I scoured around the market for. The scent of fresh cheeses, sliced meats, and apples are hitting me in the face. All I have to do is find the perfect spot. I spread my towel down on the green grass and take in the view around me. Tourists and locals flock to parks day after day to do the same thing. I unpack my bag, including my book because, of course, I never leave without one. I begin reading, but also eating and savoring all that France has to offer. I have never been to France, but I can imagine people in tiny boats rowing down the river that is less than a foot away. I could easily take off my shoes and stick my toes in the water. What makes this place so magical I wonder? In the next scenario, I am eating bouillabaisse which is a fish stew, sitting outside of a small cafe. It's the perfect temperature where it is not too hot. I stick my fork into the tender rockfish, picking up the rouille which is cold, creamy, and slightly spicy. I breathe in the fresh air and again the scents of France are hitting me in the face, but in a good way. “Bonjour,” I say to the people around me, trying to strike up a conversation because I know I am going to want to keep these memories forever. I can’t help smiling. I mean this is my fantasy so why shouldn't I be happy and enjoy my once in a lifetime moment? Clouds of all different shapes and sizes fill the air, and I watch as they change, transforming into new shapes. I think about how I wish I could do the same. If there are words to describe how I feel right now, I don’t think that they would do justice to this place that I have conjured in my mind. I only hope that, when I am here for real, it is as special as I picture it.

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