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Cafe Day

It was a Tuesday no I think it was a Wednesday well I’m not so sure what day it is

I’m sitting in my spot in the corner like always

Wrapped in maroon palms sweaty

Anxious and just a tad nervous

Coffee that I don’t even enjoy just moments away from my lips

Scorching hot

burns my tongue too easily

I’m waiting impatient

My teeth chattering jaw moving

Snow falling just inches away

Protected in a cocoon

Waiter sets the pastry in front of me


I take my first bite

Sugar dancing

Butter melting

Transporting me to a new world

A better one

troubles drift into the past

My mind blank

The present gone

Just like I want it


I pick up the newspaper

Read the fine print

Set it back down

I pull back my chair

Money is already on the table

I’m in a hurry, but with nowhere to be

My steps quick and long

Coffee pastry and newspaper abandoned

Dorm chimes

Signifies departure

I’m gone

Until tomorrow

Or Wednesday

Maybe Thursday

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