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Best Ways to Pass the Time When You Have a Delayed Flight

In the span of three weeks, I had two delayed flights and was not very happy about that. Sitting in the airport when you wish you could be anywhere else is not very pleasant. Enjoy this list of things to do when you are stuck in the airport and have nowhere else to go.

1. Worry that your day is ruined because of the delay. Hopefully that is not true.

2. Have a midlife crisis... just kidding.

3. Read a book or two.. delays can be long.

4. Listen to music, preferably something upbeat to keep your spirits up.

5. Buy a magazine that is colorful and entertaining.

6. Charge your phone and thank me later.

7. Do any homework even if you don’t want to because I know that you were waiting until the last minute to finish everything.

8. Look through all the pictures on your phone. If you are like me and have a lot of pictures, you will have wasted a lot of time.

9 . FaceTime a friend. It’s a great distraction!

10. Buy expensive food you don’t really need, but want.

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