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Avocado Toast Craze

What makes a food turn into a trend? What makes a food worth thousands of Instagram post. Well I think avocado toast fits this perfectly. It's a trend sweeping the nation. A food so simple, but delicious has become the picture thats worth a thousand words. Restaurants have been joining in on this frenzy and creating modern interpretations that demonstrate their culinary chops. Poached eggs adorn sourdough bread. Tomatoes can add acidity and hummus adds another level and layer on top of the avocado. Either way you can't go wrong. You know its good when it has its own Wikipedia page. Its a great first dish to learn how to make because its very hard to mess up. Use this as inspiration for making your own version. Try new flavors combinations or update the old. It's a good thing that avocado toast is not going anywhere so we can all enjoy it!!!

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